10.5769. The force of deterrence.     AR AR

The lack of growth and movement leads to the release of energy, which can be accumulated by stretching, like a bowstring or spring.  The stored energy can be used for explosive growth.  To do this, you need to have a specific goal and avoid energy leakage.  Fear and joy are radiators to release excess energy.  In addition, the energy can leave through parasitic actions that are kind of calming.  Any activity, including thoughts, leads to a drain of energy.

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10.6081.     AR AR


When the internal positive, active tension accumulates, it is impossible to let it fight off, doing time-consuming energy-consuming nonsense.  It is necessary to allow the positive voltage to accumulate to a critical mass, until the spring is fully compressed, when it begins to straighten out, producing useful work.


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10.10181.     AR AR

Treat failures as either a spring or a need to slow down.  You're too fast.  Slow down, Genesis tells you.

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10.11275.     AR AR

It is necessary to meditate not for pleasure, but in order, like a spring, to accumulate energy and, straightening up, overcoming fear, to realize this energy in motion.

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10.17093.     AR AR

When you are under pressure, imagine yourself as an elastic spring.

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10.20543.     AR AR

Let go of what goes away.  We live in a wave world, movement is life.  Holding  what goes away, you pull the bowstring, sooner or later you let go, and then what might have come back will never come back.

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10.21467.     AR AR

Holding back your desires from within, you are like a spring that accumulates energy.  If your desires are restrained from the outside, then you are like someone who leans against a wall in the hope of moving it.  The more you push, the more the wall resists.  Both options have a place to be.  In the first case, you can reach critical mass and explode.  The second option can be used as a dam.

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10.22319. The slower you go the more energy.     AR AR

Ideas rush into reality and are ready to provide energy for this.  If the idea is implemented slowly, but slightly restrained, the energy of ideas will accumulate.  By holding back ideas, you allow them to accumulate strength and energy, avoiding burnout.

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