10.96. Angels are strong with righteous anger.     AR AR

Righteous anger is anger against those who go against God, that is, against truth, love, beauty, or faith.

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4.3196.     AR AR

The righteous anger is terrible, sins and vices tremble before it.

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5.2588.     AR AR

Righteous anger is a weapon that should be kept in a sheath, so that fear is not accustomed.

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10.2888.     AR AR

What is honesty?
"It's righteous anger. 
What is false deception? 
- Hypocritical smiles and cowardly kindness.

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10.14928. Righteous anger.     AR AR

To prevent anxiety from turning into fear, guilt, vices, and diseases must be sublimated into righteous anger.  Righteous anger is joyful and perfectly kills all fears.  After the execution, the injured party can be given a candy.

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10.14934.     AR AR

Righteous anger is a weapon against pride.

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10.14936.     AR AR

All sins and vices come from the fact that a person flees from fear, instead of attacking him.  The angel's sword is righteous anger, humor, or stony contemptuous calm.

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10.14942.     AR AR

Do not forgive insults, in the sense that you do not swallow them, sublimating them into fear and guilt.  If you feel offended, immediately turn it into righteous anger.  Righteous anger is honesty.  Fear is a lie, the root of all sins and vices.

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10.15024.     AR AR

You can't be afraid of a proud man.  The proud man smells fear and howls and barks with fear.  You can react to a proud person with either indifferent patience or righteous anger.

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10.18039.     AR AR

Violence is what holds back immoral people.

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10.19595.     AR AR

Idleness breeds vices, one of which is lust and infatuation.  Therefore, wives intuitively become angry when they see their husbands idle.  The fear that the husband will be stolen awakens demons in the wives.

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