3.185.     AR AR

Humility is the concentrated contemplation of love.  Concentration protects against doubts and fears.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


3.85.     AR AR

A   genius   is   a   person   so   much   in   love   with   lie   that   love   turns   his   illusions   into   reality.   The   love   of   a   genius   engenders   the   focus   on   the   object   of   his   dream   that   turns   into   light   illuminating   eternal   darkness.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.2251.     AR AR

The point of Gestalt is to focus on the present and not be afraid of the future.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


4.2585. Meditation sand.     AR AR

Focus and look at the sand, look at every grain of it. Train mindfulness to small.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


4.2947. Love is knowledge.     AR AR

To open a closed door, focus your attention on the door handle. If you know the doorknob, you know how to use it to open the door. You will know the lock and the door itself, and what is hidden behind it, and those who open and close the door. The pen is the key to everything. He loves a pen? Pen loves skillful hands. Doors open hands and head.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


6.1919.     AR AR

Love is concentration of attention, the higher the concentration, the stronger the love. The stronger the love, the more it generates the growth of life. By concentrating your attention to a point, you can create life.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


6.3566. Attention to order in small things.     AR AR

The essence of Zen is that after eating, you need to wash your Cup.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.15391.     AR AR

When you lose your dependence on pleasure, you will gain the ability to be attentive and engaged.  The capacity for mindfulness is love.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.17835.     AR AR

Mindfulness is the cure for all suffering.  By the way, mindfulness is a love of reality.  Love the current moment and everything will be fine for you.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.17905.     AR AR

The essence of self-control is to remain attentive to reality.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.18061. A moment that is always with you.     AR AR

Love is a fleeting moment, because love is a moment, and faith is the passage of time.  Pride is the negation of love, that is, the negation of the present moment.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.18176. Seize every moment.     AR AR

To catch a moment is to share a moment of love for the universe.  Every moment is beautiful, and it is a big problem that it is lost, not noticed by many people.  The one who managed to catch the moment, in fact, knew  God.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.18394.     AR AR

It's good to have love in you.  Focusing on what you do is also love.  The one who is involved in reality is doing well.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.18616.     AR AR


He who loves the moment now is loved by being, for now is love.  Tomorrow with joy becomes now like a bird  luck itself flies into the hands of someone who does not catch it.


পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.20075.     AR AR

A person who has love is difficult to offend and hurt, because he is so absorbed in his love that he is not interested in everything else.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.20082.     AR AR

Looking at the details, you fall in love.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.20296.     AR AR

Focus on what you need to do now and do it.  Focusing on what you are doing is love.  Thinking about the future or the past is a form of pride that needs to be very strongly restrained.  It will be enough to plan the future, and from the past to conclude that it is not wise to spend more than 1% of your time on this.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.20314.     AR AR

To overcome hunger, focus on the taste of food and take your time.  Involvement in the process calms hunger and gives joy to life.  Hunger is generated by the haste and lack of taste.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21763. True love.     AR AR

You go more quietly, you will go further, because lovers do not notice the clock and try to slow down time at any cost.  Lovers are involved in the process, they enjoy every second.  Where there is love, there is a miracle of love.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21862.     AR AR

Tasteful is when you slowly and delve into every detail.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21899.     AR AR

The truth is related to the sense of taste, when you eat, you can not hurry.  Keep going, keep going.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


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