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Use every defeat to the mobilization of as something to push off and step my game up.

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Fear (stress) is the mobilization of the body, which is designed to kill or escape from murder.  Stress ignites a fire inside a person.  The number of such charges of energy is limited.  Every time you light up, you burn out a little bit.  You run out of resources, you get sick and die.

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Prolonged mobilization of forces is a chronic stress that causes the destruction of the system.

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Stress is an all-or-nothing mode of operation.  Either you will be saved or you will be eaten.  In such conditions, the body is mobilized 10 times, not sparing himself.  When life is at stake, all the other little things are not so important.

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Pleasure and joy are just as stressful as pain and fear.  In fact, it is one and the same mobilization regimen.

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10.9624. Mobilization.     AR AR

"Must" is a mode of mobilization when it is very necessary.  In solving normal work tasks, the "must" mode is redundant.

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When you are alert and tense, the pain and fear go away.  If you feel pain or fatigue, mobilize and they will retreat.

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"I have to" is a great cure for "I don't want to", laziness, fear, and pain.

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An  enemy  who  doesn't  kill  you,  is  very  useful.  This  person  mobilizes  and  trains  you  and  thanks  to  that,  you  become  better  and  stronger. 

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Love uses any resistance to itself to mobilize.  The fury of love is colossal.  Say " no " to love, and "Yes" to thousands»  the ocean wave will cover you.

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The essence of the last mile is to separate the wheat from the chaff.  The chaff is a proud man who, faced with fear and braking, will start to stop.  Grain is love that, when it meets resistance and fear, is fiercely mobilized.  Love will not be afraid of the wall of darkness and, fiercely taking a step into the abyss, will find wings.  A violent mobilization of love at the last mile stage will allow you to reach a critical mass and produce an explosion that turns the point into the universe.

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3.99.     AR AR

You   can   use   fear   for   the   good   of   the   cause   when   mobilizing   energy   is   needed.   Using   fear   just   like   that   is,   in   a   sense,   a   sin.

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