10.438. A strange man.     AR AR

The average person is defective and useless.  The bottom line is that sometimes there are substandard people, very useful for life.  It is for the latter that God tolerates man as a species.

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3.1380. A faulty animal.     AR AR

The   soul   is   an   electric   entity   similar   to   fire,   and   it   is   brought   into   a   person   from   outside…   The   fire   rages   around   the   person   and,   catching   fire   from   it,   flames   flare   up   inside   him.   Intelligence   emerges   from   a   distorted   and   subjective   perception   of   reality.   Animals   perceive   reality   objectively   whereas   homo   sapiens   is   a   faulty   animal,   one   of   whose   genes   broke   down   and,   having   lost   connection   with   reality,   he   started   creating   his   subjective   world.

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5.1366.     AR AR

Vice is a sign that a person is defective. The stamp of rot is placed on those in whom there is no true love. Love is the service of beauty by time. If there is no love, time is sucked out of a person, and he rots and suffers greatly.

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3.2471. A defective man.     AR AR

The person who considers the greatest value of existence the pleasure, we call the addict.     
"How do you know a junkie?"     
- The main features of a drug addict are pride, condescending negative attitude to people and the reality around, Masturbation, sticky dreaminess, narcissism, frustration, laziness, etc.

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6.2524. The meaning of the main things.     AR AR

Man's depravity and defects are due to the fact that his personality is based on false attitudes. To cure a person of neurosis, it is necessary to re-initialize it by loading into his brain the primary fundamental truths.

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6.3654.     AR AR

A defective person is a person whose philosophy is based on three irrational beliefs. Sane people are those who have three sane beliefs :" I don't owe anyone anything," "I don't owe anyone anything," and "there's nothing wrong with not getting something."

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7.1018. A defective man.     AR AR

A woman needs a man who has a high purpose in life. People who have no high purpose in life are quarrelsome, unreliable and prone to vices.

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10.1693. A Defective God.     AR AR

The devil's problem is that the devil is man, the devil is the human mind.  When God created man, he created the devil.  This whole thing with the Apple and the snake and the banishment from Paradise is all fantasy.  The devil this king lies, he likes conjuring up renounce all nonsense and to justify themselves.  The main question of Christianity and the essence of repentance consists in whether the devil to turn into a normal God or it is useless.

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10.22014.     AR AR

The more pride there is in a man, the more love there will be in him if pride can be subdued.

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10.3484.     AR AR

Dukha is the suffering associated with the absence of a soul in a person.  Man has not grown a soul, man has sold his time to the devil.  The dukha is the chaff, that which has not become the grain.
"The devil has nothing to do with it; the devil merely separates the wheat from the chaff.  Defective seeds go to hell.

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10.22063.     AR AR

Humility is love, because when you subdue pride, you turn it into love.

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