7.1738. New horizons of growth.     AR AR

The midlife crisis is linked to the need to grow. You seem to have grown and stopped growing, this causes pain. Moreover, millions of years in the past, people rarely lived longer than 30 years. So anything after 30 can be considered a new life.

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7.1712. Wherever you go, you'll come where you need to go.     AR AR

The midlife crisis is a consequence of either a lack of goals or a lack of progress and movement in their direction. You should pull yourself together and start moving, even if on the spot, even in the wheel…

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6.6608.     AR AR

A midlife crisis is the crying of a child on the threshold of adulthood. Importantly not scared and open the door in adult life, otherwise so forever and will remain he child.

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5.2960.     AR AR

Personal crises 20-30-40-year-old flowers, berries - is the crises 60-70-80-and 100-year...

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4.1886. The crisis is a devaluation of old values.     AR AR

The crisis is a process of inflation and depreciation of old values and the creation of new values.

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4.1883.     AR AR

A   crisis   is   not   an   illness   but   a   medicine.

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4.1617.     AR AR

If the squirrel in the wheel thought about the fact that she lives in the wheel and this fact began to disturb her, it is a clear sign that the squirrel lacks love in the body. Whether she likes a little, or don't like. In General, the squirrel fell out of love and now it is all oppressed and not in the mood to run in the wheel.

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3.2510. It's time for repentance.     AR AR

A midlife crisis is a personal bankruptcy where idealistic ideals are shattered against reality.  Narcissistic personality disorder, idealism and pride, unable to withstand the collision with reality, are broken, and the person falls into depression.

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6.547. Growth energy.     AR AR

Young man still has the strength to gain freedom of spirit and to escape from the power of circumstances. The crisis of middle age will force him to accept reality and either abandon the dream, accepting real life, or, destroying the old world, create a new dream and rush after it.

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4.564.     AR AR

Midlife crisis is when you want to teach, and no one. No one wants to learn from you, no one wants to listen to you. And you feel that you are imperfect and have wasted your life.

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4.563. Not the protagonist.     AR AR

The crisis of middle age is a situation when a person realizes that in someone else's movie he is not a Director and not even the main character. Either a person will create his own movie, or he will have to accept what is.

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