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10.16701.     AR AR

The mysteries of Hermes teach us what faith means.  The test of fire is faith, the realization of what is expected.  The moth flies fearlessly towards the fire, flies to death, flies to a dead end, but knows that by showing care, it will be saved, and at the last second everything will be fine.  The test of water is faith, as the certainty of the unseen.  You dive into the black, opaque water and swim through the tunnel, hoping that there is a passage there and you will not drown.

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10.16481.     AR AR

The water test is a test of patience.

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10.1264. Snakes requires respect.     AR AR

The ancient Egyptian tale of the shipwreck tells of an old serpent who showed paternal care for a man in a difficult situation and showed humility, speed and respect for the serpent.

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7.5329. 42 sin.     AR AR

The more moral a society is, the longer it lasts. Ancient Egyptian civilization lasted 4 thousand years, more than anyone else at times. The society of ancient Egypt was very moral, they had as many as 42 sins.

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7.5297.     AR AR

The Egyptians also had a Trinity, the meaning of which was the integrity of one in three persons. OMON RA and Ptah, where Riot police – invisible spirit and RA – his physical repose of the sun, and Ptah is his representation on earth in human form – master's.

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7.5285.     AR AR

The  construction  of  tombs  was  the  economic  foundation  of  ancient  Egyptian  society,  which  created  jobs,  prevented  the  crisis  of  overproduction  and  allowed  money  to  be  effectively  redistributed  in  society.

পাসওয়ার্ড: Варвара Учеваткина


7.3698.     AR AR

Indeed, human civilization was created by the gods. The first human communities arose out of fear of the gods and death to serve the gods and build them temples and places of worship. The construction of religious buildings and tombs requires the concentration of thousands of people and it is religious ideas that have created large collectives and communities. The more sacrifices to the gods, the better we will live - people thought. And the more they came together in large and organized groups, the greater the sacrifices they could make and the greater the places of worship they could build. For example, tombs, dolmens and Egyptian pyramids are sacrifices to the gods.

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5.4811.     AR AR

Moses, Moshe in Hebrew, comes from the Egyptian word "moose" - son. The mission is the son of God. In particular, Jesus was also the son of God.

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5.4373.     AR AR

The essence of the idols of Easter island is the same as the dolmens and the Egyptian pyramids. They gave people the meaning of life, overcame the crisis of overproduction, symbolized ritual and distracted people from killing.

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10.990. Love is magic.     AR AR

God Ptah first imagined the universe, and then created it with the help of his closest assistants: intelligence, creativity and love.

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10.987. According to ancient legends.     AR AR

Love is a self-generating force, like the Egyptian God Demiurge, who created himself out of darkness.

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10.205.     AR AR

The God Thor was eagle-headed, so he could see the future.  Thor is one who soars high and sees far.

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10.176.     AR AR

Egyptian pyramids gave meaning to the life of the inhabitants of Egypt.

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