4.3759. My home is your home.     AR AR

The meaning of the ritual of visiting the house of God is that when you go happily to visit God, he joyfully comes to your house.

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4.4044.     AR AR

God is joyful. Truth is joyful. Order is joyful. Beauty is joyful. Love is joyful. Faith is joyful. Hope is joyful. All that is not joy is lies, fear and suffering.

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5.2601. Love is joy.     AR AR

Love is interest and attention. People who do not show interest and attention to their work, in fact, do not like it. Automatic actions that do not carry the motive of love, in fact, is a sin. Ritual requires conscious joy, otherwise it is not prayer, but the aggravation of sin.

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6.5835. Don't lie.     AR AR

The rite should be accompanied by joy, but otherwise it's a lie. Work should be accompanied by joy, learning-joy... and then it will be the truth.

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7.3175. A little bit of joy is useful and a lot of it is poisonous.     AR AR

Heavenly  joy  is  a  medicine  and  the  source  of  movement  and  of  life.  Devilish  joy  is  a  poison  that  paralyzes  its  victims  and  immerses  them  into  the  sticky  swamp  of  pleasures  where  flies  stuck  in  honey  perish.

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8.6547.     AR AR

God  pays  off  the  virtuous  with  joy.

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10.8907.     AR AR

The joy of life comes from the realization that God is the order and everything goes according to plan.  Faith in God is, first of all, trust in God.  When you trust God, your fear disappears.  Fear is a sign of distrust of Providence.

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10.9655.     AR AR

To live happily, when you realize the potential of being in everything that surrounds you.  Seeing the potential in everything, you automatically transfer it to yourself, which, of course, is encouraging.

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10.11350.     AR AR

What does it mean to know God? 
"When you know God, you will say,' God is good.'  And, filled with joy, you will see clearly.

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10.18176. Seize every moment.     AR AR

To catch a moment is to share a moment of love for the universe.  Every moment is beautiful, and it is a big problem that it is lost, not noticed by many people.  The one who managed to catch the moment, in fact, knew  God.

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10.18414.     AR AR

Everything is joy... and the flight of light, and the darkness of rest.

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10.18343.     AR AR

A prayer without joy, faith, or hope is a lie, and therefore a mortal sin.  I remind you that faith is the fulfillment of what is expected, and God helps the one who is going.

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10.18865.     AR AR

The soul cannot be ill, the soul is joy.  Only pride can hurt.  Pride is a lie.  The soul is love, love is immortal and always reborn.

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10.19616. At the festival of life.     AR AR

The real world is the divine feast and feast of the Creator.  At the festival of life to go with a vile face is piggish.

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10.19949.     AR AR

To learn love is to learn to notice the beautiful in the ordinary.  Contemplation and attention to beauty fills life with joy and energy.

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10.19951.     AR AR

People are equal in the sense that the meaning of all people's lives is joy, and each person has the same amount of this joy available to them.  There is an infinite amount of joy in this world, and the question is only about restraint in its use, because greed and greed kill it.

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10.21373.     AR AR

Do the job with anger and frenzy?  Stupidity and ignorance!  Work is like a prayer, like a ritual, it requires joy and a sense of taste.

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10.21410.     AR AR

The essence of patience is not tension or restraint, but joy.  Love wants to be, the longer the process, the more joyous.  Haste and impatience are the absence of love and, therefore, pain.

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10.21956. Seek God.     AR AR

What is suffering?  Lack of service.  You refuse to serve God, and you suffer for it.  God is love.  Service is joyous.

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10.22096.     AR AR

God is truth, and God is joy.  Therefore, the search for truth is joyous.  And God is power, faith, and love…  Accordingly, the process of searching for truth is an act of faith and the service of love.  Love is the most powerful force in our universe.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.22198.     AR AR

The grower pays everyone equally little, but you remember that the less, the more.  Moreover, you have forgotten about the joy.  To serve with love happy.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.22220.     AR AR

God is joyous, because God is love.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


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