9.7515. The It (ONO), Ego and Mind.     AR AR

Mind   is   a   symbiotic   entity   divided   into   three   parts,   each   of   which   is   in   unity   and   conflict   with   the   other   parts.

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10.2691.     AR AR

Integrity is when three levels of belief are convinced of the same thing.  Ego, super Ego and It have to work as a team.

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10.3052.     AR AR

By inventing goals, one trains the Ego, but at the same time attracts suffering.  The situation requires humility to suffering.  Goals and Egos are useful and therefore joyful.

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10.3330.     AR AR

The truth is vast and the Self is small.  The ego very much limits the person, making him small, stupid and weak.

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10.3305.     AR AR

What is depression? 
- The loss of an Ego that was held up by idolatry.  That is, the simultaneous loss of Ego and love.  True love cannot be lost.  The Ego dissolves in it and finds joy.

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10.18796.     AR AR

The person whose Self (Ego)  dependent on pleasure, very vulnerable to suicide.  The loss or depletion of sources of pleasure sharply reduces his self-esteem, causing severe pain, against which the person loses interest in life.

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10.19232.     AR AR

They need pleasure very much, pleasure is part of their Ego.  It's hard for an addict to get rid of his Ego.

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10.19262. An empty man.     AR AR

The consciousness of a proud man is a sphere, the density of matter in which depends on the amount of pleasure, power and money available to the proud man.  When a proud person loses something somewhere, it is as if he is empty, losing a part of himself.  It used to be solid, but now it's empty.

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10.19314.     AR AR

The super Ego is what is responsible for ideas.  The purpose of the Ego is to be a conductor of energy and a translator between the subconscious (It)  and superego  (Ideas).

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10.19402.     AR AR

From an overabundance of joy and pleasure  A person's ego swells and he loses humility, becomes arrogant and aggressive.  The Bible says about this:  pride goes before a fall.  So I recommend that you avoid complacency.

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10.19421.     AR AR

From an excess of pleasure, the Ego grows.  The big Ego is very touchy and requires a lot of respect.  Any disrespect reduces the Ego by causing pain.  The pain is sublimated into aggression.  If aggression is suppressed, then the pain is sublimated into fear, guilt, and an inferiority complex.

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10.20387. Offended by the person's life.     AR AR

Most  vulnerable to post-traumatic stress disorder are the sort of people whose religion calls proud.  Psychology calls these people neurotics, narcissists, dependent individuals.  In fact, we are talking about sensitivity to fear.  Fear of losing control, fear for your life, fear that there was no support and help.  This problem should be treated with self-awareness, repentance and humility of the Ego.

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10.21771. Accept your pain.     AR AR

The ego is the level of pride in a person, depending on the level of his pleasure.  Any size reduction  The ego hurts the proud man.  The size of the Ego depends on the things one owns and the pleasure one gets.  There may be situations where the loss of things leads to a desire to preserve the Ego and get additional pleasure from entertainment and other sources, which generates a strong procrastination and inability to work.

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10.22166.     AR AR

A poor man in spirit is a lover, for he serves his love, not his Ego.

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