King of the Hill






10.8986. King of the mountain.     AR AR

Sisyphus, in his pride, seeks the deep meaning of his life in an effort to roll a stone up a mountain.  Sisyphus is very proud of his feat, considers himself much higher than others.  He's afraid other people will climb his mountain, too.  Unknown to Sisyphus, the world is huge and there are an infinite number of mountains.

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10.8709.     AR AR

There is no King of the mountain, the King of the mountain is a lie and an illusion.  There are only a lot of Sisyphus, each of whom tries to roll his stone up the mountain, but only after reaching the top, rolls back down.

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10.13805.     AR AR

The point of continuous improvement is that the king of the mountain built his own mountain.

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10.13806. Find your way.     AR AR

It is dangerous to try to remove the king from his mountain, it is a hundred times easier to build your new unique mountain.  You can copy the old king as much as you want, but his power lever gives him a 20-fold advantage, negating all your efforts.

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10.13807.     AR AR

The king of the mountain cannot be removed if he is constantly improving.  The secret is in the lever of power.  Even if competitors repeat everything after the king, the effect strength will differ by 20 times.

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10.15876. Creator of the hills.     AR AR

The proud Sisyphus wants power and greatness, wants to be the king of the mountain.  They say, be afraid of your desires, they come true.

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10.17847. King of the pit.     AR AR

A smart person who does not go up the mountain, but goes around it, will not fall into the pit, because the mountain is an illusion that hides the pit.  The king of the mountain is a liar, and should be called the king of the pit.

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10.17849. Shoulder of power.     AR AR

The justice is that the king of the mountain built his own mountain, so he has a tenfold bonus with any of the greedy competitors who want to overthrow him.

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10.18505. King of the mountain.     AR AR

The only way to achieve perfection is to become unique... Uniqueness is perfect by default.

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10.18929.     AR AR

The naked king is a symbol of power.  The source of the naked king's power is that he has nothing to hide.  There is no fear in the naked king.  The naked king is free from chains.

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10.19821. Unity of good and evil.     AR AR

A good king rules with the help of bad servants.  The people hate the king's servants and run to complain to the king.  The king is kind, the king will listen to everyone and help.  The king rules by love, and everyone loves the king.

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10.20625.     AR AR

They say that a smart person will not go up the mountain, a smart person will go around the mountain.  This is why fools succeed more often and more often than smart ones.  The best is the enemy of the good.  A person goes uphill to become a stream of energy.  The one who reaches the top will rush down like a dragon descending to earth.

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10.21607. At the bottom of the mountain.     AR AR

The one who wants to become The king of the mountain, and digs a hill for himself, not a hill, but a hole for himself.

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10.21654.     AR AR

It is dangerous to consider yourself higher than others who rise high, look down and fall.  Be better below the others.  It's not bad to be an ocean, either.  All rivers and streams flow into the ocean.  Do you think the forest is tall trees?  No!  A forest is a void between trees.

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