10.6886. Listen to your desires.     AR AR


Self-esteem comes from obeying your desires.  The more you submit to yourself, the more your self-esteem likes you.  The more you fear and resist your desires, the less you love yourself.


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10.9840.     AR AR

Vices grow out of self-dislike, that is, lack of self-respect.  The fight against vices should begin with work on self-esteem and self-esteem.

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10.13518.     AR AR

Self-esteem is necessary to feel and be a worthy person.  Vices deprive people of self-respect, turning them into slaves.  In the absence of self-respect, self-esteem becomes pride, the source of all human vices and misfortunes.

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10.17082.     AR AR

Self-respect comes from a sense of duty to oneself.

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10.18060.     AR AR

Love without self-respect is a lie and pride.  True love is when God meets God, for love is the God of this world.

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10.18835.     AR AR

A person who has problems with self-respect is very touchy and does not tolerate disrespect.

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10.20060.     AR AR

Self-respect is accepting yourself as you are.  Don't believe anyone that you're bad.  No one can say you're bad.

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10.20333.     AR AR

The inferiority complex generates the strongest self-pity.  Say to yourself, I have nothing to feel sorry for, I am and, therefore, I am the truth.  Truth has no need to feel sorry for itself, truth is perfection and beauty.

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10.20410. An infinitely perfect world.     AR AR

I'm perfect!  – This is normal, we live in an ideal world, here everyone is perfect in their own way and there is no end or edge to this ideality.

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10.20480.     AR AR

The inferiority complex is an internal one  the conviction that I have nothing to love for, born of disrespect for myself.

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10.20530.     AR AR

Self-respect and self-confidence comes from humbling your fear of pain and negativity.  Humility of pride is a source of strength.

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10.21190.     AR AR

The enemy is the one we fear.  To love your enemy means to get rid of your own fear, your own weakness.  To love your enemy is to respect yourself and believe in yourself.

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10.21193.     AR AR

Self-confidence comes from self-respect.  Those who respect their own desires and interests are confident.  I am my desires, interests, and intentions.

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