10.10305.     AR AR

Humility is when you do not expect gratitude, but simply do good and throw it into the water.  Pride is when you demand gratitude, not only for the good, but also for the bad, false, and useless.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.10876.     AR AR

Not judging means not thinking about the results.  You should focus on the work, on the work, on the action, on the now...  Take care of today's day, and let tomorrow's day take care of the results.

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10.17922.     AR AR

The barren Fig tree is proud, it does not want to do good and throw it into the water.  The Fig tree is constantly asking a selfishly stupid question:  "What will I get in return?»

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10.16350. Do good and throw it in the water.     AR AR

People are ungrateful and few pay for good, but there is always one noble person who will pay for all at once.  1% of light on 99% of the Kingdom of darkness is normal.

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10.11886. Do good and throw it in the water.     AR AR

Your good deeds that need to be released are like the seeds that the sower throws into the field.  Some seeds will fall by the roadside, others will fall into thorns, and others will give rich shoots.

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10.21010.     AR AR

If you are the sun, then Shine.  It is not your business to judge who is worthy of your light and who is not.  Everyone decides how to use your light.

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10.21115. Don't judge.     AR AR

Truth is a paradox, the principle of simultaneity.  Our business is to do our business, and who is right or wrong is not our business.  The Apple tree does not care who will eat its apples, the pig or the President of the United States.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21141.     AR AR

I know only one desire, which is also impossible to limit.  Do good.  Do good and throw it in the water.  Your task is to grow and bear fruit.  Who will eat your fruit and why is not your concern.  You can't restrict someone who wants to grow and bear fruit without demanding anything from anyone.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21143. It's very simple.     AR AR

Just do what you're doing and throw it in the water.  It's not your business to think who will pick it up from the water and why.  You feed your energy from the earth and the sun.  Those who eat your fruit are parasites and predators, but they are useful in protecting you and helping you reproduce.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.21977.     AR AR

Doing good is joyous, but spreading good is hard.  Therefore, good should be done and thrown into the water.

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10.22016.     AR AR

Pride craves power and possession.  By letting go and throwing the good we have done into the water, we subdue our pride and turn it into love.  Love is good.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.22208.     AR AR

The Creator is proud.  The Creator needs pride to create.  Created to promote the case of water.  Water is love.  Do good and throw it in the water.  When the fire itself tries to promote its fruits, it turns into a devil.  The devil's business is to work in the forge, and he doesn't need to come out.

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10.22236.     AR AR


Doing good and throwing it in the water is the only way to succeed without burning out.


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10.22256.     AR AR

It is very profitable for a tree to do good and throw it in heaps around itself.  The point is that when the animal comes, it gorges itself, enjoying the feast.  More food, more fertilizer for seeds…  A well-fed animal pulls you to sleep next to it, then to the toilet.  In this way, the animals are tied to the tree.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.22262. A heavenly place.     AR AR

When you do good, don't be afraid to just throw it around.  It doesn't matter that no one needs it and no one takes it.  Sooner or later, flies will fly into the soup and turn it into a Paradise.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


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