10.19441. Inexhaustible joy.     AR AR

The last mile is a phenomenon associated with the fact that truth is unknowable.  The pursuit of excellence is a process that is infinitely stretched over time.  What has an end is an illusion and a lie.  The realization of false goals is like a flash of light and a burst of joy that quickly fades.  Serving the truth is a process of infinite movement, and therefore of joy.

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10.19494.     AR AR

Love is something that can't end.  What can end is pride.  Love is not afraid of pride, because pride is fleeting, and love is infinite.

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10.20280.     AR AR

The main thing is not the essence, but the episodes, because the goals are ephemeral, and the ideal is unattainable.  Our task is to search endlessly for pieces and assemble a whole from them.  Our goal is an endless process of assembling the mosaic of being.

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10.20326.     AR AR

Be afraid of desires that you don't love.  Lovers do not notice the clock, but desires devoid of love can turn an interstellar flight into an endless nightmare.

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10.21248. Infinite love.     AR AR

When it comes to achieving goals, it should be understood that goals with more pride than love are more unattainable than achievable.  At the last mile stage, resistance increases enormously, while true love becomes stronger from resistance, and pride drains energy.  However, the most important test of pride is time.  Love is infinite, and pride is finite, so even if it wins, it will not be able to keep what it has won.

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10.21909.     AR AR

Fear is when there is no love.  Fear subjectively slows down time and that's why time is long and boring.  You get scared, lazy, and want to run away.  You're drowning in a swamp of procrastination.  On the other hand, lovers who do not notice the clock.  Subjectively, love speeds up time, and as a result, lovers are happy, fun and not at all boring.  Lovers are energetic and do not get tired, because their path was short, and the path of fear was long.

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10.21284.     AR AR

The essence of the last mile is that it has no end.  The last mile is impossible to cover.  The proud, in their greed and impatience, when they get into the swamp of the last mile, they are exhausted and fall.  True love rejoices in the last mile, for infinite love is infinitely joyous.

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10.21352.     AR AR

The last mile is the real truth.  The real truth is an inexhaustible infinite source of energy.  Thus, it is impossible to go the last mile.  The essence of the last mile is to walk it endlessly, using it as an endless source of joy and energy.

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10.21353.     AR AR

The last mile is a symbol of perfection.  When we reach the last mile, we enter the stage of "perfection", which is infinite and inexhaustible.

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10.21375.     AR AR

The last mile is a symbol of truth and love.  The last mile is a balm for souls in love.  Lovers do not notice the clock, so they are ready to rejoice endlessly.

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10.21376.     AR AR

The question of where to stop at the last mile stage is a question of free will.  Anywhere you want.  The last mile is endless, and you can set your own boundaries as you like.

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