Don't trust, don't be afraid, don't ask!






10.21551.     AR AR

Don't believe your doubts.  Don't be afraid of your fears…  Don't ask for pleasure, joy, or rewards.  These are all diabolical temptations.

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10.20286.     AR AR

"Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask»  this is a metaphor for self-sufficiency and humility.  Truth is that which is self-sufficient and complete, it is both a point and a universe.  Self-belief is the Holy Grail of being, an infinite source of strength and energy.  A confident person can implement any of their tasks.  As long as you rely on yourself, you can do a lot.  Putting your hopes on others is a form of pride.

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10.20268.     AR AR

"Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask»  this is a metaphor for the suppression of pride.  Trying to control the future is pride.  We have power only over  Now.  Fulfillment of the commandment " Take care of today's day, and let tomorrow's day take care of itself»  this is humility.

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10.20190.     AR AR

Don't ask, because it's all a fuss that doesn't change anything.  Don't ask, because you can do everything yourself.  Don't ask, because when you ask, you lose the ability to do it yourself.  Don't ask, because when you ask, you just waste time and energy.

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10.21071. Intimidated.     AR AR

Don't believe the threats.  Don't be afraid of threats.  Don't ask for mercy…  Laugh!  Be happy!  "You're lying - tell me - do Not you take us to the fright.  Scared us!  We have already given three non-scared people for one scared person. 

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10.21829. Fire, water, and copper pipes.     AR AR

Don't believe, don't be afraid, don't ask.  Don't trust the fire.  Don't be afraid of water.  Don't ask for copper pipes.  Copper pipes it is necessary to preserve the impartiality and restraint.  Copper pipes are the temptation of pleasure, vanity, power, wealth, lust, etc.

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10.22122.     AR AR

Don't trust your fear.  Don't be afraid of fear.  Don't ask for help out of fear.

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