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10.1142.     AR AR

God is a stick, not a carrot.  Gingerbread is the devil.  God comes with a sword in the person of the angel Armageddon to punish those in whom there is no love.

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10.1837. Paradise lost.     AR AR

The meaning of Jesus ' resurrection lies in the realization of Paradise, we, like fish in the ocean, live in Paradise without knowing it.  To realize that life is Paradise, you have to lose your life and then bring it back.

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10.1855.     AR AR

The angel of Armageddon is one who comes before God to cleanse the earth of sin and Vice.

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10.2792. Repentance.     AR AR

You used to love light and, like a moth, flying into the fire of wickedness, driven by fear.  Now you must make fear your friend, love what you thought was evil, turn around and take a step into the abyss.

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10.3066. True vision.     AR AR

Jesus ' healing of the blind is a metaphor for enlightenment.  Jesus gives people his vision of reality.  Reality is beautiful, having gained sight, people comprehend love and joy.

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10.4955.     AR AR

What is Armageddon?  It's fire.  Armageddon is when the forest is on fire.  Forests burn out all the time, but does it kill the forest?  Fires are useful, fires are useful.  Not often, but sometimes you can.

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10.6107.     AR AR

Mr. God created the universe, but we have nothing to do with it...  In Paradise it is good, in Paradise everything is perfect.  Bliss and all that.  What should I do there?  What have I, the Creator man, forgotten in Paradise?  Everything is perfect there.  Well, I walked around, well, I looked, well, I was happy...  Cool done...  And then what?  Now I want to go to hell.  I want to go where things are bad.  I would now like to create good out of bad.  I want to create beauty myself.  Man after all, whether the son of God, whether God himself - it does not matter, he wants to create, he is the Creator.  And there is nothing to create in Paradise...  It's good to go to Paradise for a tour, but it's sad to live there.

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10.6113.     AR AR

The problem is not finding heaven or God.  The problem is to find hell and imperfection.  We live in a Paradise where everything is perfect.  The meaning of life is to find imperfections and improve them.  The point is to find hell.  Hell is joyful, because it can be turned into a Paradise.  Otherwise, in Paradise, the human mind will degrade and die.

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10.6114.     AR AR

A person is always dissatisfied with something, and this is fine.  As long as there is discontent, there is life.  You should be happy with your discontent.  Discontent means that there is work, there is a hell that can be turned into heaven.

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10.6115.     AR AR

Man is light, the meaning of man's life is to find hell and darkness to light them up and turn them into Paradise.

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10.6116.     AR AR

If the meaning of a person's life is to seek Paradise, then such a person is darkness.  Darkness has no place in Paradise.  Darkness can only envy and suffer, contemplating Paradise from afar.

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3.1433.     AR AR

The   point   is   this:   you   are   an   outdated   human   model   and   your   masters   no   longer   need   you.   Your   energy   consumption   is   inefficient   and   you   take   up   living   space.   They   could   update   you   and   make   up   work   for   you   but   they   prefer   to   put   you   to   sleep,   thus   throwing   you   out   of   the   real   world.   It   seems   they   call   it   humane   euthanasia.   You   do   not   want   to   live   in   reality   and   illusions   are   so   beautiful.   Syntalism   offers   you   life   in   reality   instead   of   paradise   of   death.   You   can   update   yourself   and,   thus,   maintain   your   place   in   this   world.

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6.124.     AR AR

Heaven is an illusion, so is hell. Angel of Armageddon comes to earth to destroy the world of illusion and to return the people's love of reality of God.

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3.2659.     AR AR

"What is Armageddon?" 
- God Awakening. 
- Awakening Love.

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5.1210.     AR AR

Demons,   I   know   that   once   you   were   the   chosen   ones   and   angels.   However,   the   sin   of   arrogance   spoilt   your   souls   like   vermin   and   you   were   cursed   to   suffer   hell.   You   approached   the   edge   of   the   abyss   and   put   your   legs   over   the   precipice   of   fear.   There   is   no   salvation.   Only   resignation   and   service   to   light   will   give   you   paradise   back.   I   am   the   light   that   came   to   save   you   and   give   you   hope.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


5.1356.     AR AR

Since people live in the reflected world, the coming of the Savior will be in the form of an angel Armageddon ... will come outwardly evil, good inside, lying outside, honest inside.

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5.1422.     AR AR

The angel of Armageddon creates reality through the destruction of the world of illusions.

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5.1444. Stone bridge of Armageddon.     AR AR

Glass houses need to break a sniper rifle large caliber. That is hard and through the Internet.

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5.2181.     AR AR

Today   I   had   a   dream   that   I   had   to   save   you…   I   had   a   dream   that   you   are   on   the   very   edge   and   there   is   very   little   time   left…   Do   not   be   afraid,   tell   me   about   your   problems,   I   will   resolve   them   all,   thus   saving   you.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.2442.     AR AR

Anyone who promises to save you is an impudent liar who wishes to enslave you. The truth is, you can only save yourself by changing the way circumstances require.

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4.2450.     AR AR

Armageddon   is   penance.   Penance   is   the   modification   of   reason   and   the   waking   of   intelligence.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.2812.     AR AR

Vice is not a product of the devil, but a remedy against the devil. Vice is a sticky tape for flies that catch demons. 

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4.3027.     AR AR

The   meaning   of   the   idea   about   the   end   of   the   world   and   the   righteous   who   will   inherit   the   earth   is   as   follows.   Sinners   will   succumb   to   the   devilish   temptation   and   vice.   The   devil   will   offer   sinners   an   illusion   of   paradise   and   all   paradisiac   pleasures.   Those   who   have   a   weak   spirit   will   leave   our   world   (for   instance,   they   will   disappear   in   virtual   reality).   People   resisting   the   temptation   will   inherit   the   earth   of   our   world.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.3096. Living ones, get away from the dead.     AR AR

Dig   your   graves.   Everyone   should   dig   himself   a   grave,   lie   down   in   it   and   spend   the   night   there.   In   the   morning,   they   will   hear:   “Living   ones,   get   away   from   the   dead,   raise   from   your   graves”.   He   who   will   have   heard   the   voice   of   life   will   raise.   Armageddon   is   the   awakening   of   the   dead   from   death,   the   dead   souls’   discovery   of   their   meaning   of   life.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.3101.     AR AR

What   is   Armageddon?   An   awakening   of   the   dead   in   their   graves,   an   awakening   of   reason   from   the   darkness   of   ignorance.   The   ignorant   are   incapable   of   seeing   the   reality   of   the   promised   land.   The   ignorant   live   in   the   dream   of   their   illusions   and   in   the   captivity   of   darkness.   The   ignorant   are   blind:   they   watch   without   seeing   and   hear   without   listening.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


4.3615. New Governor of the province of Ad.     AR AR

Soloinc   is   an   angel   of   Armageddon,   a   powerful   demon   cursed   by   the   devil   for   trying   to   overthrow   him   and   therefore   ascended   to   heaven.   It   is   said   that   after   ascension   to   heaven,   God   confirmed   his   right   to   hell   and   declared   him   an   angel   of   Armageddon,   who   came   to   earth   to   replace   the   devil.

পাসওয়ার্ড: SD


4.3509.     AR AR

The   devil   declared   himself   God.   The   devil   has   renamed   hell   to   heaven.   The   devil   called   a   lie   the   truth.   And   moths   believe,   and   moths   fly   into   the   fire   to   worry   and   suffer   joyfully.

পাসওয়ার্ড: Varvara Uchevatkina


4.4438.     AR AR

Syntalism   is   the   idea   of   Armageddon,   that   is,   an   awakening   of   reason   from   sleep.

পাসওয়ার্ড: lushchenko Marina


8.5188.     AR AR

In this world evil is people, and God, the devil, angels and demons... They are but servants of Providence, civil servants whose task it is to keep order by means of a stick and a carrot.

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8.5189.     AR AR

The devil is not evil, but he who fights it. You can go to hell very very persistent sinners. The devil is the police, his job is to catch sinners and send them to Hell.

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9.8555. When the devil buys souls, he promises HEAVEN in return.     AR AR

Over  time  the  poor  will  sell  their  transitory  bodies  and  will  go  to  the  virtual  world  of  illusions,  where  they  will  be  promised  heaven.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


10.5144. Armageddon is humility.     AR AR

All human sins come from fear, man is ignorant, he is afraid of reality and is at war with it.  God is reality.  God must be loved.  Armageddon is the awakening of the mind from the dream of illusion, lies and fear.  Armageddon is the end of man's war against God.  Armageddon is a situation when the glass house of idealists, their invented ideal world, collapses and comes to terms with the real world.  Armageddon is not the destruction of the real world, but the destruction of the world of illusions and fantasies.

পাসওয়ার্ড: NeuronNet


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