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The  idea  of  the  cognitive  dissonance  develops  Freud`s  ideas.  The  very  mechanism  that  causes  cognitive  dissonance  was  called  the  It  by  Freud.  Freud  thought  that  the  It  is  programmed  in  childhood,  and  it’s  true.  The  It  is  programmed  well  and  tightly  in  childhood  and  youth.  But,  as  the  modern  psychologists  since  the  physiologist  Pavlov  have  proved,  the  It  and  the  other  conditioned  reflexes  can  be  programmed  whenever  and  by  whatever.

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Imagy  therapy  is  a  modern  method  of  psychotherapy  based  on  the  synthesis  of  psychoanalysis,  gestalt  therapy  and  cognitive  psychology.

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Psychoanalysis  always  takes  three  –  a  person,  the  It  and  a  psychoanalyst.  The  psychoanalyst  is  a  mediator  between  the  person  and  his  inner  world.

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The essence of Freud's concept that the causes of all our problems lie in childhood intersects with the Christian concept of original sin and the mission of Jesus Christ to break the vicious circle of the fall, when the sins of parents are paid for by their children.

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I agree with Freud about the negative nature of man and the formation in early childhood of a significant proportion of the personality. However, in a positive nature, plus in the course of life the power of the mind through the understanding and training he can change his identity.

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Freud said that the main thing is sexuality, Adler argued with him that the main thing is the desire for power. And I'm telling you that sexuality and the pursuit of power are two facets of the same thing.

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4.4185. What is the meaning of psychoanalysis?     AR AR

To teach a person to benefit from his negativity, to sublimate and transfer his desires into something useful, into the source of his movement. Such instruments of psychoanalysis as the method of free Association gives the joy of freedom of thought. Many people are mired in self-control, live as if in chains. All this brings misery, tension and pain. The freedom of joyful, blissful freedom of thought, man will find happiness and the realization of your true self. the Third and most important goal of psychoanalysis is to achieve a catharsis. Catharsis is the purification of the soul. Happy and easy on the soul when the soul is clean and fresh. In such an enlightened state, one thinks well, works well, learns well. When life is beautiful you yourself become fruitful and lucky.

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7.966. Life-giving conversation.     AR AR

Conversations with a psychoanalyst are invigorating, because you can talk about anything and it relieves internal tension, beneficially relieving neuroses, psychoses, fears and complexes... Speaking aloud allows you to better comprehend the problems and successfully solve them. To speak freely and frankly with relatives or just acquaintances is uncomfortable and dangerous... Many things friends and family do not need to know.

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If you periodically fall into depression, apathy, laziness or despondency ...go see a shrink, he'll fix you. The psychoanalyst is useful, he knows how to put thoughts on shelves, to put things in order and a lot of other useful things.

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There are Freudian reservations, and there are broken arms and legs. People subconsciously ready for anything in order to get love or do things they don't like

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The meaning of Freud's method of free Association is to free the mind of the neurotic, allowing him to enjoy freedom... to feel the joy and happiness of freedom. The mind, accustomed to iron chains of strict forms, sensing freedom acquires wings.

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The first psychoanalyst in the world was the philosopher Socrates and his disciples - Plato, and later Aristotle. The dialectic of Socrates is the Foundation of Freud's psychoanalysis.

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3814. A prescription for psychoanalysis.     AR AR

We  teach  people  how  to  be  normal,  how  to  avoid  nervous  breakdowns  and  extremes  and  how  to  search  for  consolation  and  fun  among  nice  things  instead  of  vicious  ones. 

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Freud's  genius  idea  about  the  subconscious  'It'  that  rules  a  person  and  hardly  depends  on  this  person,  should  be  explained  and  extended.  It's  rational  to  believe  in  the  existence  of  both  inner  It  and  external  It.  The  latter  one  is  the  so-called  collective  It  typical  of  all  pack  animals. 

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