10.19858. Watch with half an eye.     AR AR

You need to pay attention to the processes, not much, but constantly.  If there is no attention at all, they will break down.  If there is an overdose, they will also break down.

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10.19871.     AR AR

Control should be with a certain random frequency, then everything will be fine.  Lack of attention and too much attention will destroy everything.

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10.21624.     AR AR

The issue of keeping a schedule is a matter of mutual respect.  Things should  respect each other. 

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10.21696. Form is a process     AR AR

Punctuality and accuracy is respect for time and the boundaries of things.  All forms (processes)  the material world is limited by time.  When one process gets on top of another process - this is disrespect, aggression, rudeness... on the other hand, the less, the more, so the process that makes a bust, kills itself.

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10.22483.     AR AR

To cause the system to grow and become more complex, you need to start organizing and controlling it.  Or simply create work that is conditioned by any goals.  The longer and longer the work, the more stable the growth of the system.

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10.22490.     AR AR

Bureaucracy and control systems create work, work is love and movement, and therefore growth.

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10.22515.     AR AR

Humility is the realization that ideal, truth, order, love, beauty, and hope are infinite and inexhaustible.  In other words, the desire to achieve an ideal and the desire for power (control)  there is pride over the essences of love.

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10.22521.     AR AR

You can't be completely error-free.  You always need a couple of stupid mistakes to attract attention, otherwise those who like mistakes will get offended and start finding fault.

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10.22636.     AR AR

The procedure requires humility.

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4.181.     AR AR

Обсесивно желание всичко да контролира поражда комплекс за малоценност и загуба на вяра в себе си. Всички следи е невъзможно. Случайността е неизбежна.

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Началото на книгата

3.1457.     AR AR

Казват ти: "Три минути, после казват, - още пет"... Ти си вярвай им и засекай време. Просто помислете време.

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