7.5054.   AR AR

To relax and achieve calmness, take a deep breath and exhale ...hold your breath for 30 seconds.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18818.   AR AR

If you're scared, drink a glass of water and you'll feel better.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.19174.   AR AR

There's no point in crying, but you cry anyway.  There's no point in laughing, but laugh anyway.  Do what you want, and don't regret anything.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.19411. Fear needs to be drained.   AR AR

Fear accumulates and when it reaches a critical mass, a chain reaction begins to divide and break down into many new forms of fear.  Suspiciousness is the process of disintegrating a single fear that has reached a critical mass into many illusory forms.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.19873.   AR AR

To get rid of stress and fear, focus on your problems and think about why bad is good.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.20274. Three-day crying.   AR AR

If you have a grief, don't hold back your crying.  Cry for three days, then dry your tears and move on.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.20458.   AR AR

Fear should be sublimated into excitement, curiosity, and mindfulness.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.20793.   AR AR

Following the rules and control leads to the accumulation of fear and aggression in a person, which must be taken somewhere.  For this purpose, suitable sport, open conflict, the psychologist, the conversations, complaints, comfort, games, etc.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.21402.   AR AR

To quickly take control of yourself, calm down and overcome fear, start making rapid eye movements, shifting your gaze to the right and left from one object to another.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.21630.   AR AR

In the darkest hour, you can also sleep, minimizing energy consumption to a minimum.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.21692.   AR AR

Pull up and stretch is very healthy, devote at least five minutes a day to it.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.21928.   AR AR

When you feel like you're losing control, drink a glass of water.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.22184.   AR AR

Emotional overdose should be treated with curative hunger, fasting in food, sports, humility of the passions, peace and restraint of their desires.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


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