10.12814.   AR AR

Love is curiosity, to love the world - you need to treat it as an infinite mystery.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.13696.   AR AR

Avoid the temptations of wonderful fruits.  Remember those who were banished from Paradise because of foolish curiosity.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.14389.   AR AR

Curiosity, interest, and knowledge are the third reaction to fear, the reaction of attack.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.14819.   AR AR

Love is when in spite of.  Love is curiosity, it is the transformation of darkness into light, fear into joy.  Love is creation, when there is no creation, there is no love.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.15711.   AR AR

Curiosity killed the cat, because mind your own business and stay out of other people's business.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.16776. Bluebeard.   AR AR

Evil does not like to be denounced.  Evil will always pretend to be good.  If you tear off the mask of good from evil, it will rage and bite your throat out.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18351.   AR AR

If you remove the mystery and unknowability from love – it will make it possible to determine its price.  And it will kill love, true love is priceless.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18594.   AR AR

Alice in Wonderland is a metaphor for what begins to happen to you when you stop holding back your desires with fear and rush after the white rabbit into the real world.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18850.   AR AR

Treat things with curiosity, it will calm your fears.  Curious is the one who has love in him.  Curiosity is love and care, an important facet of the knower's courage.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.19814. Humility with fear.   AR AR

Fear is not conquered, fear is subdued.  "Very scary" - you think, and look with curiosity at what will happen next.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.19815.   AR AR

You don't have to run away from fear, you have to overcome fear with curiosity... waiting with curiosity for what will happen, you subdue fear, turning it into pleasure.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.20458.   AR AR

Fear should be sublimated into excitement, curiosity, and mindfulness.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.20602.   AR AR

It is pointless to be afraid and worry, turn on your curiosity and contemplate the situation from above.  All these rumors and fears, all this is not yet.  You should work with what you have.  Everything else is still speculation.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.22295. Curiosity.   AR AR

When you go to the edge of the abyss, do not think, do not be afraid, but look around with curiosity.  What will happen now?  Where is the thing that will save us this time?  There is always salvation, the only question is whether you have the intelligence and care to find it.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.22370. Light against darkness.   AR AR

When reading a book, often ask the question "why?»  Reading  Talmud, I have noticed that on average there is one very strange thought per page, in which, if you think about it, you can achieve enlightenment and joy.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


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