10.5845.     AR AR

Squirrel in a wheel is a black and white squirrel, which is terribly afraid of nonsense and other useless nonsense.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.7909.     AR AR

When a man goes headlong into his problems, a woman goes mad with pain from loneliness and puts him before a choice: problems or her.  A man in love should say that all problems are nonsense, and turn his attention to the woman.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.7950. One chance in a hundred.     AR AR

100% fears will come true only 10%, of which 9% is nonsense, but 1% you do nothing, so fear is pointless, and you need to accept.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.7955.     AR AR

Pofigizm this there is courage.  You know that everything is nonsense, and therefore you are not afraid of your fears.  Fears need not be afraid, and to work with them, the problems require solutions, not desastrado.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.10506.     AR AR

Taxes?  Inflation?  Prices?  This is all nonsense!  Laziness, pride, and stupidity cost us the most.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.11677.     AR AR

Motivation is all nonsense, you just have to realize your purpose.  You have to do what you do, because that is your purpose, you were created for it.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.12574.     AR AR

How to lift your mood? 
- Ritual movements that give cheerfulness.  Straighten up, straighten your shoulders, tighten your chest ... Say it's all nonsense.  All for the best.  Break through.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.12764.     AR AR

Panic attacks come from the belief that everything is bad.  Tell yourself it's all a lie, it's really nothing, it's nothing.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.12767. All bullshit.     AR AR

For reasons of fear for my health, I don't worry about anything in principle, and I'm not afraid of anything.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.13651.     AR AR

You can not neglect trifles.  Let the little things go, let them grow.  Huge trees grow out of small grains.  Everything insignificant is very important.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.17906.     AR AR

Everything is beauty, but only love knows about it.  Love is the ability to spend a huge amount of time on what it considers beautiful, and all other people – some unnecessary nonsense.  The lover sees the universe in a grain of sand.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.17940.     AR AR

After listening to a lecture about galley slaves, I thought that all our difficulties were nonsense...

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18808.     AR AR

To find what you are looking for, you need to show ordinary care.  The truth is hidden either in plain sight, or slightly covered by some nonsense.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


10.18878.     AR AR

And Paradise has up and hell people came up with.  A person generally has a very rich imagination, he is always imagining all sorts of nonsense.  It is boring for a person to live in the real world, so he is delusional.

Tərcümə: NeuronNet


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