10.21975.     AR AR

Proud people are hungry for love and want to do good, and they want to be grateful for it.  On the other hand, too much gratitude creates complacency and emotional overdose in them.  Overdose is withdrawal, fear, aggression, etc.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.18710. Keep it simple.     AR AR

The easiest way to get something out of a person is not to lie and cheat, but to ask them to do it.  At the same time, you can assure the person that you will be very grateful to them for this.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.13670. Useful gifts.     AR AR

Gifts in the form of luxury items are a sign of respect and love, which are very valued by the proud.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.12012.     AR AR

The most valuable gratitude for something not obvious.  The more unique the gratitude, the better.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.12007.     AR AR

If you pass a compliment from another person, you will automatically join them.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.12005.     AR AR

We consider those who pay compliments to us and our actions to be people who are understanding and positive.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.12003.     AR AR

Show people their importance through recognition and appreciation.  People like it, but it doesn't cost you anything.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.11545.     AR AR

Positive assessment and representations from the subject of love fill the soul of the lover with joy and delight.  The ego, filled with delight, becomes firm and loses the fear of disappearing.

ترجم: NeuronNet


10.10961.     AR AR

The strategy of an open compliment in vain natures makes you want to rush with all your heart to meet love.  Vain lovers are unbearable and like fire.  The fire needs to be contained.  Therefore, experienced players, after making an open compliment, automatically retreat and close, ceasing to respond to the manifestation of love in their address.

ترجم: NeuronNet


9.9988. تقنية ماكرة     AR AR

والشكر مقدما مفيد جدا للأعمال التجارية. وإذا شكر الشخص مقدما على عمله الجيد ، فإنه سيشعر بالخجل وعدم الارتياح لأن لا يفعل ما سبق أن شكره عليه رسميا.

ترجم: NeuronNet


8.6328.     AR AR

ليس" سبيسبكي "، الناس المحترمون يشكرونك ،و "شكرا" في الجيب لن يضع ولا يلطخ.

ترجم: NeuronNet


3.756.     AR AR

الاعتراف قيمة كبيرة.  مع الاعتراف بفضائل الآخرين ، سوف تصبح شخصا قيما جدا بالنسبة لهم.  ومن المفيد بصفة خاصة الاعتراف بمزايا مرؤوسيهم.  من الرجل "أقل من" ، الأكثر أهمية هو الاعتراف بمزاياه.

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بداية الكتاب

1580.     AR AR

قبلت المساعدة شكرا على ذلك إستلمت هدية أخبره لا تخل بالتوازن كل " أخذ "يجب أن يكون مصحوبا بـ "أعطى"."

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art by Evgeniy Slinko