10.22418. The devil is not so terrible as they paint him.     AR AR

I don't see the coronovirus as some kind of punishment from heaven, on the contrary, it may be an escape from something much worse.  In fact, the death rate from this disease is no more than from the flu.  Often the flu has much more serious consequences.  Observing life, I noticed that what is most feared is actually not very scary.  Really scary and harmful things that are not afraid at all.  It is dangerous to lose fear completely, it is dangerous to overdo it.

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10.22417. Report on my coronavirus symptoms.     AR AR

My throat hurt first.  My throat was tight for about 15 days.  There were also pains and unpleasant sensations in the stomach.  Slight dizziness and headache.  The first days, when I tried to go out for a morning jog out of habit, I immediately gasped for breath.  Overall, the symptoms were mild and not fatal, but noticeable.

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10.22416.     AR AR

Coronovirus doesn't need to be treated with antibiotics or any other nonsense.  It is necessary that the body has gained its own immunity to the disease.  As soon as I got sick with coronavirus, I stopped eating immediately, and I didn't eat for five days.  Then he ate very sparingly.  Hunger strengthens and mobilizes the immune system.  Thus, the disease passes sluggishly and without strong symptoms.  After being ill for 15 days, I was cured and gained a powerful immune system.

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10.22414.     AR AR

Viruses are useful in the sense that once you get over a virus, you get immunity from it and some other more powerful diseases.  Thus, there is no need to be afraid of diseases that do not kill us, because they protect us from other more powerful diseases.

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10.22415.     AR AR

Coronovirus can be regarded as a useful disease that develops immunity and protection from other more terrible diseases.  Those who have had the coronavirus may consider themselves lucky enough to have a strong immune defense.  Perhaps the coronovirus is a defense mechanism necessary to save some part of humanity from future diseases, which  destroy the rest of humanity.

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10.22419.     AR AR

People mostly die not from disease, but from fear.  First, fear drains the immune system, and second, it is a self-fulfilling scenario.  The more a person is afraid of a disease, the more insistently they begin to see its symptoms in themselves.  Moreover, the fear develops suspiciousness and the person begins to invent these symptoms, and even die from them.

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10.22420.     AR AR

In fact, coronavirus is dangerous only for people with depleted immune systems, that is, for neurotics who live in perpetual anxiety and fear.  At risk are people who run away and are afraid of reality.  These are pride, narcissistic personality disorder, emotional exhaustion, obsessive-compulsive syndrome, paranoid disorder, etc.

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10.22421.     AR AR

Human DNA  it consists of 30% virus DNA.  After getting over the virus and receiving immunity from it, the human DNA evolves.  First, the DNA evolves, then the entire human being follows it.  Thus, those who got over the coronovirus and acquired immunity to it, there is a higher and stronger stage of evolution than those who refused to evolve.

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10.22422.     AR AR

When you get sick with coronavirus (or any other disease), first, try to eat less, and secondly, go to a lean meal, try to limit sweet and fatty foods.

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10.22423. Humility of the thirst for economic growth.     AR AR

You can interpret coronovirus in different ways, but it is from the point of view of threats to human health that the risks are minimal.  The true goals of all the fuss about this disease are most likely related to economic issues and the desire to cool the market.  Perhaps it is an attempt to deflate the over-inflated markets, reduce the crisis of overproduction, eliminate overstocking of inventory and stimulate demand.  From the point of view of business and economy, such quarantine measures resemble thinning of the forest.  A lot of sick and unviable businesses will die.  Theoretically, such cleaning is useful for the economy.

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10.22434. A saving enemy.     AR AR

The fuss over coronovirus can also be explained by the desire of the authorities to strengthen their power.  The point is that an external enemy is very useful for everything in the world.  On the enemy, you can push all your shortcomings.  The enemy is a great reason to mobilize and defeat them, and then tell us what a hero you are and how well you won.  Such victories and medals strengthen the authority of the government and are useful for elections.  Plus, under the guise of fighting windmills, it is good to clean the system from internal enemies and tighten the nuts.

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