10.20690.     AR AR

Pride precedes the fall, because pride is an overdose, and now there will be an addiction and a drop of the system down.

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10.21008.     AR AR

Pride goes before a fall, from exhaustion, pride is greed, brute force and attrition.

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10.21584. If only you could control your pride.     AR AR

Pride precedes falling, because pride likes to lie down... while life is movement.  It is hard for a proud man to walk, he goes only to reach the goal and lie down.  The meaning of being a proud man is not a movement or even a goal, but he likes to sleep, lie down, idleness and pleasure.

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10.21672.     AR AR

Pride precedes a fall, and it is not even that the greedy will stumble or fall into a pit.  Everything is much more banal.  Pride is a thirst  pleasure.  The proud man will climb into the hole and lie down to rest himself.  The meaning of being a proud man is to lie down and sleep.  Proud people love dreams.

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10.21871.     AR AR

A person can only assume the future, but not control it.  The desire for power over the future precedes the fall.  There is hope for the future, but only a proud man can demand submission and submission from him.

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10.21926.     AR AR

Pride is a greedy run that drains your strength, and when you fall exhausted and fall asleep, you don't want to Wake up.  Sweet dreams and exhaust the forces of reality.  Of course, you'd rather die.

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10.22159.     AR AR

Pride precedes falling, because the blind man will inevitably stumble and fall into the pit.

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10.22329.     AR AR

Pride precedes the fall, for pride thinks itself perfect, and perfection is that which stops in growth and, therefore, there is only the way down.

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بداية الكتاب

3.2756.     AR AR

يقولون أن رجل أعمى سيسقط في حفرة، لماذا؟"   
- في كبريائه رفع أنفه بفخر ولا ينظر إلى أقدامه.  أعماه تألقه الخاص ، غرق في ظلام الخوف.

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